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Netizen 24 AUS: Trump sounds optimistic tone about future North Korea talks, suggests June 12 summit could happen after all

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Trump sounds optimistic tone about future North Korea talks, suggests June 12 summit could happen after all

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A day after aborting a summit with North Korea’s leader, President Trump sounded an optimistic note Friday about future negotiations, saying it is even possible that a meeting could take place on June 12 as originally planned.

“We’ll see what happens. We are talking to them now,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House Friday morning. “They very much want to do it. We’d like to do it.”

“It could even be the 12th,” he added, referring to the date next month that had been set for him to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

Asked if North Korea is playing games, Trump said: “Everybody plays games. You know that better than anybody.”

Trump’s comments, as he headed to Annapolis to speak at the U.S. Naval Academy commencement, came shortly after he also expressed optimism on Twitter about opening a dialogue with Kim â€" and accused Democrats of “rooting against” his administration’s efforts.

In a letter announcing Thursday announcing his decision to scrap the summit, Trump cited hostile rhetoric from North Korea in recent days.

But in one of his Friday tweets, the president characterized a new statement coming out of North Korea â€" saying it remained open to talks with Trump â€" as “warm and productive” and “very good news.”

“We will soon see where it will lead, hopefully to long and enduring prosperity and peace,” Trump wrote. “Only time (and talent) will tell!”

Following the summit’s collapse, North Korea’s vice minister, Kim Gye Gwan, said that a meeting is urgently needed to deal with the “grave hostilities” in the relationship with the United States, which is seeking to eliminate the North’s nuclear program. North Korea is under severe internationa l economic sanctions but has given no clear idea on how it would roll back its nuclear capabilities in exchange for concessions.

The statement from the vice minister also reportedly said: “We reiterate to the U.S. that we are willing to sit face to face at any time and in any way.”

[Trump’s cancellation of summit with Kim raises fears of renewed tensions, destabilization]

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis echoed Trump’s optimism Friday while speaking to reporters before a meeting with Danish officials at the Pentagon.

“We have got some, possibly some good news on the Korea summit, where it may, if our diplomats can pull it off, may have it back on even,” Mattis said. “Our president just sent out a note about that a few moments ago. That is a usual give and take, you know, of trying to put together big summits and stuff. The diplomats are still at work.”

Mattis was also asked whether the U.S. military would increase military exercises after the summit cancellation.

“We are not changing anything right now, it is steady as she goes,” he said. “The diplomats are in the lead and in charge, and we give them our best wishes to have a fruitful way forward.”

Trump also took to Twitter on Friday to knock Democrats, whom he said are “so obviously rooting against us in our negotiations with North Korea.”

In the tweet, the Republican president ticked off other grievances with Democratic leaders, saying they are also at odds with his agenda on fighting the MS-13 gang and tax cuts. “Dems have lost touch!” Trump asserted.

Following Trump’s announcement Thursday that he was pulling the plug on his meeting with Kim, several prominent Democrats criticized his approach to North Korea.

House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.), for example, called Trump’s letter to Kim relaying his decision “another demonstration of President Trump’s treating of critical negotiations a s if they were just another real estate deal.”

“From the beginning to the present, the dealings with North Korea have been sophomoric and without strategic or tactical merit,” Hoyer said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, admonished the Trump administration during a hearing on Thursday for the “lack of deep preparation” ahead of the summit.

“It’s pretty amazing that the administration might be shocked that North Korea is acting as North Korea might normally act,” he said.

Trump made no mention of North Korea during his address Friday to the graduating class of the Naval Academy, though he spoke of the importance of a strong military to ensure peace.

“We are respected again,” Trump said. “I can tell you that. We are respected again.”

Missy Ryan contributed to this report.

Source: Google News

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