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Netizen 24 AUS: This is why John Oliver put 'NCIS' star Wilmer Valderrama in a parrot suit

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This is why John Oliver put 'NCIS' star Wilmer Valderrama in a parrot suit

This is why John Oliver put 'NCIS' star Wilmer Valderrama in a parrot suit

When Last Week Tonight host John Oliver wanted to send Fox News fan President Trump a message about the Iran nuclear deal, he delivered his message by buying ads on his favorite shows featuring the Catheter Cowboy.

On Sunday, when he sought to get a message through to authoritarian-leaning Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro, he put Wilmer Valderrama in a parrot suit.

Wait, why is he involving Fez in international diplomacy? And why, exactly, is he in a bird suit?

First, the star of That '70s Show, who currently stars on NCIS, is half-Venezuelan and spent his childhood in the Latin-American country.

Secondly, Oliver noted that the country's last president, the massively popular Hugo Chávez (who died of cancer in 2013), apparently believe d that when powerful leaders die, they become birds. And Maduro, his hand-picked successor, has said that Chávez's spirit has visited him in the form of a little bird.

Unfortunately for Maduro, he lacks Chávez's charisma not to mention, the good fortune of continually rising oil prices. Thousands of people are fleeing the South American country and multinational companies may not be fair behind. In fact, desperate Venezuelans have taken to protesting in the form of flinging feces â€" or poopotov cocktails, as Oliver called them â€" ahead of their country's May 20th elections.

"It's not a good sign when people are throwing their poop at you," Valderrama, clad in a bright-green parrot costume topped with a red beret, told Maduro. "I should know. I'm a bird. Come on, man, I invented the poopotov cocktail. Every ti me a bird poops on you, you should know it was a political statement. Maduro, the whole world can see what a mess you're making."

Pointing to Oliver, he added, "Even TV hosts in America, like that idiot. But the point is, Maduro, you need to accept humanitarian aid and cool it with the dictator stuff. Or I've got a poopotov cocktail with your name on it right here."

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