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Update: Las Vegas massacre: At least 59 dead, 527 injured in deadliest gun attack in US history

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Las Vegas massacre: At least 59 dead, 527 injured in deadliest gun attack in US history

"She's not a bad person": Marilou Danley's family speak out

More information is coming to light about Stephen Paddock's Australian girlfriend Marilou Danley, who police have named as a "person of interest" in their investigation.

She was born in the Philippines but also holds Australian citizenship and spent several years living in Queensland.

Now 62, she moved to the US following the death of her first husband.

Her former step-daughters have told US media they were shocked to hear of her association with Paddock.

"Our family doesn't know Stephen Paddock and has had no knowledge of Marilou's relationship with Mr Paddock," former step-daughter Dionne Waltrip told US media outlets.

"'Marilou is our ex step-mom. She is a good and gentle person and I know she h as to be devastated by what has happened."

"She is kind. She's very gentle. She's very giving, she's always happy. She's just extremely nice and fun to be around. "

Deirdre Terrell, her other former step-daughter, said: "She's not harmful. She's not a bad person at all,' Deirdre Terrell, her other former step-daughter, said.

Danley, who is travelling in the Philippines, has been in contact with investigators and is expected to return to the US on Wednesday.

Marilou Danley was in the Philippines when her partner Stephen Paddock killed 59 people.
Marilou Danley was in the Philippines when her partner Stephen Paddock killed 59 people. Photo: Facebook

Mystery surro unds killer's note

A note on a side table near the killer's body has sparked speculation.
A note on a side table near the killer's body has sparked speculation. Photo: Twitter/@MikeTokes

Graphic photos leaked from shooter Stephen Paddock's hotel room have sparked new questions about the killer's motive.

One photo shows a note on a side table next to Paddock's body.

The photos have not been verified and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has told a press conference an internal investigation is underway into the leaking of crime scene pictures.

The note may offer clues to Paddock's motivation for slaughtering 59 people at the Route 91 Harvest Festival and injuring more than 500.

Paddock did not appear t o have links to any extremist groups and police are still investigating the motive behind the shooting spree.

Shooter "mean" to Australian girlfriend

Workers at a casino cafe frequented by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock and his Australian girlfriend Marilou Danley described his behaviour towards her as mean.

The couple were regulars at the Starbucks inside the Virgin River Casino near their retirement village in Mesquite, Nevada.

Manager Esperanza Mendoza told the Los Angeles Times Paddock would publicly humiliate his girlfriend if she used his casino card to pay for the coffee.

"He would glare down at her and say â€" with a mean attitude â€" 'You don't need my casino card for this. I'm paying for your drink, just like I'm paying for you.' Then she would softly say, 'OK' and step back behind him. He was so rude to her in front of us," she recalled.

Clark Count y sheriff Joe Lombardo told a press conference Marilou Danley has been travelling in the Philippines but is in contact with investigators.

Graphic photos from shooter's hotel room leaked

Graphic photos from shooter Stephen Paddock's hotel room have been leaked and are circulating online.

The photos, which are unverified, show the killer's legs, his arm and part of his torso, surrounded by a number of rifles.

Paddock took his own life when authorities started to close in on his room at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Clark Country Sheriff Joe Lombardo told a press conference earlier today that an internal investigation was underway to find out how photos of the crime scene were leaked.

Unverified photos claiming to be of the Las Vegas shooter's hotel room.
Unverified photos claiming to be of the Las Vegas shooter's hotel room. Photo: Twitter/@MikeTokes

More than $US4 million raised for victims

A Gofundme page set up by American businessman and politician Steve Sisolak has attracted more than $US4 million in donations in one day.

Almost 58,000 people have contributed to the fund which will go towards covering the funeral expenses of those killed in the massacre and supporting the hundreds of people who are recovering from injuries.

Donors have been offering messages of support to the residents of Las Vegas, shaken by the deadliest shooting in modern US history.

"Evil cannot stop love," wrote donor Robert Forbes.

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Jason Aldean cancels shows

Country music star Jason Aldean has cancelled his upcoming shows in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

He was on stage when S tephen Paddock unleashed his deadly attack on the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.

The singer announced his performances in Los Angeles, San Diego and Anaheim, California to be held this weekend would be canceled and tickets refunded.

"I feel like out of respect for the victims, their families and our fans, it is the right thing to do. It has been an emotional time for everyone involved this week, so we plan to take some time to mourn the ones we have lost and be close with our family and friends," Aldean said in a statement.

He used his Instagram account to appeal for calm in the aftermath of the attack.

"We shouldn't rush towards compromising our freedoms"

A White House document detailing talking points on the Las Vegas massacre reveals a strong resistance to tightening gun legislation.

The document, obtained by NBC News, has a section on gun control which states "ne w laws won't stop a mad man" and the problem isn't "too few gun laws".

The document was distributed to Trump allies in the wake of the deadliest shooting in modern US history.

"When it comes to gun control, let's be clear: new laws won't stop a mad man committed to harming innocent people," the document read. "They will curtail the freedoms of law abiding citizens . . . We shouldn't rush toward compromising our freedoms before we have all the facts."

Shooter's modified guns show "greater intent"

A former senior police officer and CBS News contributor Randy Sutton said the type of weapons used in Stephen Paddock's deadly rampage showed he was determined to take as many lives as he could.

"Wat that demonstrates to me is even a greater intent," Sutton told CBS This Morning.

Las Vegas police have confirmed that some of Paddoc k's firearms had been modified to make them capable of rapid and continuous fire.

"He purposefully had these weapons modified to be even deadlier than they would be in the capacity that they were originally manufactured," Sutton said. "The difference between a semiautomatic and a full automatic is that when a semi-automatic, every time you depress the trigger, one round comes out. When it's fully automatic, when you press the trigger it continues at a rate of about 400 rounds per minute which is why this death toll was so incredibly high."

Paddock had 23 guns in his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay and 19 other firearms at his home north east of Las Vegas.

US gun laws have come under question in the wake of the massacre with Nevada having some of the loosest restrictions in the country.

In Nevada it is legal to carry a weapon without a permit, gun registration is not required and there is not mandatory waiting period after buying a firearm. Gun owners can buy unlimited ammunition.

"Steve took care of the people he loved''

Stephen Paddock's brother has just spoken to reporters for a second time, telling them that the gunman took care of people he loved.

Eric Paddock first spoke to reporters on Monday, defending his brother as regular guy without any political or religious affiliations.

In a second press conference outside his home in Orlando, Florida he said he was having trouble processing "the horror story".

"Steve took care of the people he loved," he told reporters. "He helped make me and my family wealthy. He's the reason I was able to retire. This is the Steve we know, we knew. The people he loved and took care of."

In the rambling, emotional interview, Eric Paddock said the family came from a disadvantaged background.

"My mom was born in the Depression, she had a tough life her husband was an a******. She raised four kids on a secretary salary and some of us weren't great kids -- we were bad kids at some level. We grew up poor in San Fernando Valley," he said.

An undated photo of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, right, with his brother Eric, left.
An undated photo of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, right, with his brother Eric, left. Photo: Eric Paddock

Donald Trump heads to Las Vegas

US President Donald Trump has finished his tour of hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico and is heading back to the US mainland.

He will spend a short period in Washington before arriving in Las Vegas tomorrow.

While the President has described gunman Stephen Paddock as "sick" and &quo t;demented" he appears to be in no hurry to crack down on the availability of guns in the US following the mass murder, telling reporters gun laws will be discussed "as time goes by".

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Was Lorde concert the original target?

Speculation continues that gunman Stephen Paddock originally intended to carry out his deadly massacre at a Las Vegas concert headlined by New Zealand performer Lorde.

The singer-songwriter was the headline act at the Life is Beautiful Festival, held the weekend before Paddock's assault on the crowd at a country music festival on Sunday night, local time.

The Daily Beast reports Paddock rented a number of rooms at the Ogden, a luxury tower near the site of the Life Is Beautiful Festival.

A spokeswoman for the tower's owners told The Daily Beast she could not "confirm or deny anything about Mr. Paddock's dealings".

The New York Post reports Paddock could not get a room with a direct line of sight to the crowd at the Life is Beautiful Festival.

Lorde, who is on a world tour, tweeted her condolences to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting on Monday.

"Feel sick for the victims of Las Vegas and their families ... I'm so sorry," she tweeted.

A concert headlined by singer Lorde may have been the gunman's original target.
A concert headlined by singer Lorde may have been the gunman's original target. Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo said police were looking at video on more than 67 body cameras as well as footage from surveillance cameras, phones and other sources.

He told the media it would take a long ti me to sift through all the footage.

After almost an hour of questioning, the sheriff finished the press conference but confirmed there would be further updates in the afternoon.

Authorities will beef up security in La Vegas ahead of President Donald Trump's visit to the site of the massacre.

"It takes a great deal of resources to ensure the security of the President," Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said.

"The world has changed"

Sheriff Joe Lombardo described the killer's actions as "unbelievable".

"The world has changed," he told the press conference.

"Who would have ever imagined this situation. I couldn't have imagined it. For this individual to take it upon himself to create this chaos and harm is unbelievable."

He told the media that the massacre was "obviously premeditated . . . pre-planned extensively ... which is troubles ome."

He praised the actions of police and private security guards, saying their swift action saved hundreds of lives.

"We saved hundreds of lives," he said. "A lot more (carnage) was prevented because of our police action and private security action."

He urged members of the public not to dismiss suspicious behaviour as "trivial".

"We ask you to bother the police," he said.

Number of injured has "decreased slightly"

Sheriff Lombardo said the wounded have all types of injuries from gunshot wounds to crush injuries associated with trampling.

"We believe the injury number has decreased slightly ... by about 20," he told a press conference in Las Vegas.

He said police have been in contact with the shooter's Australian girlfriend Marilou Danley, who is in the Philippines but due to return to the US.

He confirmed the gunman had set up ca meras inside and outside his hotel room and the footage is being examined by the FBI.

He said the leaking of photos from inside the gunman's room was the subject of an internal police investigation.

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"A plethora of amunition"

Police have searched three locations linked to the gunman, Stephen Paddock.

Joe Lombardo has told a press conference they found multiple firearms and "a plethora of amunition".

He said some of the weapons had been modified to speed up the process of firing rounds.

"Outpouring of support"

Businesses and individuals have donated $US3.7 million to support victims of the Las Vegas massacre.

An individual donation of $US500,000 is among the 53,000 donations to the fund.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo said police could no longer manage the donations and they have been referred to two local charities to administer.

The money will be used to fund injured peoples' medical expenses and the funeral costs of the dead.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has urged anyone who might have information about the shooting to contact Las Vegas police.

An office has been established in Las Vegas to help people locate missing loved ones.

Authorities are addressing the media

Sheriff Joe Lombardo is addressing the media in Las Vegas.

Authorities, including the police and FBI, have identified all but three of the 59 victims.

Gunman filmed himself during slaughter

In a disturbing revelation, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock set up a camera inside his hotel room to capture his deadly massacre. He also planted other surveillance equipment in the hallway outside his room to alert him to the arrival of authorities.

Paddock had one camera trained on himself as he mowed down innocent concert goers below his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in t he deadliest shooting rampage in US history. Other devices were planted in the hallway to warn of approaching police.

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